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Arvada Memory Care Testimonials  


"The service you provide to residents and their families ia amazing. We feel very blessed that Grandma Frances was able to spend her last years in a warm and loving house. Thank you!"
~The family of Frances T.


"Thank you so much for welcoming my dad to Almost Like Home. We, his family, are so grateful for the wonderful care he has received and for the smiles and kindness of the staff. We appreciate you all so very much."
~Sincerely, Robert's family


"Just want to say thank you so much for the love and care you gave Mom. All of you are special people, and Almost Like Home is a special place. I feel blessed to have found it for Mom. For you to say 'bring Sophia back here to be with people that love her' was so compassionate and kind."
~With Love, Sophia's family


"Thank you for all your help and patience. Thank God there are people like you for Mom and all the others who need your help! This place is great like one big happy family."
~Gwen and Harold


"Our family greatly appreciates the care given to our father/husband by the many caregivers at Almost Like Home. Your kindness was a tribute to our Dad who was a very dedicated family man. We are deeply touched by your thoughtfulness. Our heartfelt thanks."
~The family of Gene K.


"We want to thank you so much for your many kindnesses. I'm glad that Laurence was there."
~Alice and Herbert Z. and family


"Thank you for the wonderful care you gave Mom over the years. She really enjoyed living at Almost Like Home and you all became family to her. Mom was a rare combination of strength and opinion, but sweet and loving. You all recognized this and loved her for who she was. We were so fortunate to have all of you in her life. It gave me comfort to know that each and every one of you were kind, patient, and loving. It takes special people to do the kind of work you do. I will always have wonderful memories of smiles, laughter, love and yes, frustrations with her obstinancy. You are all a huge part of these memories. It takes compassion and great caring to work with someone who is passing from this life to the next. Each one of you not only supported Mom with each step, but you supported me more than you will ever know. You each take your job of care and support with dignity and respect to heart. Your works and spirits will live with me and my family forever. We are all grateful for each and every one of you."
~With love, Kathy and the whole family of Betty



"My thanks to all of you for the comfort and care you give to both Larry and me."


"Thank you so very much for the home you provided for my mother, Helen B. Finding you was a Godsend and I remain profoundly thankful for the quality of care provided and the knowledge, kindness and compasssion of each caregiver. In my first draft of this note, I wanted to thank individuals, but I was afraid I'd leave someone out. There was not a single individual who did not meet the highest standards set, however. I wish I could communicate clearly the gratitude that is in my heart - please just realize what a true blessing you were to my mom and our entire family."
~Sharon S.


"Thank you all for helping my dad and for the wonderful care you gave him while he was at Almost Like Home. I was so pleased with the care he got there. I'm so happy all of you liked my Dad so much. I'll always be grateful to all of you."
~Thanks again, Barbara D. and the family of Pete H.


"Thank you all so much for the care you gave my Mom. She was happy there."
~The Family of Helen G.


"I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of my dad, Dale S. My mom and I so enjoyed the Valentine's party you had!"
~Thanks again! Vera and Marcie S.


"My mother, Mary K., was a resident of the “blue” house of Almost Like Home. The ladies who took care of her while at the home always treated her with respect and compassion and made her feel very welcome. It was always amazing to me that even though a lot of times these ladies were working many hours, they still were always patient, caring and so conscientious. There were a few who my family and I got to know while visiting my mother that I would like to make special mention of. Virginia was a true advocate for my mother. She really watched out for her and kept me informed of what was going on with her, if she was having problems with anything, if she hadn’t eaten, etc. I can’t tell you how much I relied on knowing she was watching out for my mother. I’d also like to mention Luisa and Desiree. Both of them were so loving to my mother - they would hug her and just give her that special attention that elderly people thrive on. My mother couldn’t talk very clearly in her last days, but when one of these ladies walked in the room, she would start smiling and her eyes would light up. That told me more than any words could how safe and special she felt in their care. The ladies listed above were the ones we got to know while my mother was there, however, there wasn’t one caretaker who wasn’t kind and caring to my mother. You have an invaluable resource in your staff. I wanted to let you know just how much my family and I appreciated their hard work, dedication and caring attitude."
~Sincerely, The Family of Mary K - Becky, Bob, Stacie Z, Renee H.